MURRAY — The Calloway County Board of Education approved the schematic design of a new auxiliary gym that will be built on the main campus by Calloway County Middle School and the board office during its monthly meeting Thursday.

The design was presented by Craig Thomas of RBS Design Group, which showed the initial designs as well as a layout of the 13,560-square-foot facility. In addition to the building, they will also be building a small to medium-sized parking lot in front of Calloway County High School to match the one currently in front of that building. 

“The total BG1 was roughly $3.1 million with the construction being $2.7 million in rough dollars for those two (projects),” Thomas said. “What I am going to do tonight is go over the schematics and give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you have.” 

During the presentation, Thomas likened the design as similar to the auxiliary gym that had been constructed at Murray High School. Calloway County Superintendent Tres Settle said that should the board desire, a tour of that facility could likely be arranged. 

Thomas said the next step in the process following the board’s approval would be the creation of design development documents for the project.

“I will try to be back at the next board meeting to do design development documents … we will submit these to Frankfort and hopefully get a quick review back,” Thomas said. 

Thomas said that the project would really begin to pick up speed in the coming months, and said that a beginning construction time of July was still the goal. He said the project would likely be completed in July 2021. 

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