MURRAY — The students at Calloway County High School will be taking classes through a new schedule in the coming school year. 

The change will take the students off a block scheduling system, which had students taking two sets of four classes in the fall and spring semesters. The new schedule will feature a mixture of year-long classes and semester-long classes, and will put students on a six-class schedule. 

“What we had been on before was what they called a four-by-four block; so we offered four classes in the fall and four new classes in the spring, and those classes lasted roughly 90 minutes, and students were able to earn eight credits,” said Calloway County Principal Chris King. “What we have switched to is four period classes year-round and four period classes that switch at Christmas. The year-round classes last about 50 minutes and the ones that switch at Christmas last about 90 minutes.” 

The schedule creates six periods throughout the day. The first two and final two periods of each day will be classes students take all year, and will last about 50 minutes. Periods three and four will be 90-minute classes, with students taking two classes to fill these slots that will switch between the fall and spring semesters. 

King explained that this new scheduling system will help keep students be exposed to certain subjects, such as English and math, all year. 

“We were looking at some of our data and we felt like that this would provide an opportunity,” King said. “On the (four-by-four) block schedule, courses like English and math, oftentimes a freshman, for example, could take English 1 in the fall of their freshman year, and with the way the schedule worked, they would potentially not take English 2 until the spring of their sophomore year. So they could potentially almost go an entire calendar year without any English courses.” 

King said there was not a single department in the school that wasn’t impacted by the new scheduling changes. He said that the new scheduling system should prove advantageous for students. 

“I really look forward to this and I think it will be really beneficial for our kids,” King said. “We don’t want to make any kind of change without thinking it is in their own best interests.” 

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