MURRAY — The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office will periodically be conducting traffic safety checkpoints throughout the county to check motorists for compliance with motor vehicle laws including driving under the influence laws. 

CCSO utilizes these checkpoints to promote safety for motorists using the public roadways and to provide a deterrent for those who violate the laws contained in the Kentucky Revised Statutes. CCSO said that the intent of a checkpoint is to provide for high visibility, public safety service, focusing on vehicular equipment deficiencies, confirming proper registration and insurance of vehicles and valid licensing of drivers. Violations of law or other public safety issues that arise shall be addressed.

This will allow CCSO the opportunity to periodically concentrate its efforts in checking for violations of state traffic and regulatory laws that will ultimately increase the safety of the citizens. Drivers encountering a checkpoint are requested to have their operator’s license, vehicle registration receipt and proof of vehicle insurance readily accessible. Drivers with this information in hand, those with no violations of law and minimal roadway congestion can expect short delays at the checkpoint locations.

The following are approved traffic safety checkpoint locations within Calloway County:

• KY 121 South –MP3.187 to MP3.690.

• KY 121 North at the intersection of Bailey Road.

• KY HWY 80 West at the Calloway/Graves County line.

• KY HWY 80 East at the Marshall County line.

• U.S. 641 South at the Tennessee state line.

• U.S. 641 North at the Marshall County line.

• U.S. 641 South at Barber Drive.

• KY 94 East at KY 280 (Pottertown Road).

• KY 280 (Pottertown Road) at Cohoon Road.

• South 12th Street in Murray between Glendale Road and the Murray city limits

• Main Street between Eighth and Ninth streets. 

• Wilshire Drive between Bailey Road and Vasser Drive.

• Glendale Road in Murray between Ninth and 12th streets.

• Main Street in Murray between Industrial Road and the Murray city limits

• Chestnut Street in Murray at the intersection of Eighth Street

• U.S. 641 North and Diuguid Drive.

• Doran Road in Murray at the intersection of Holiday Drive.

• North 16th Street in Murray at the intersection of Olive Street.

  KY 94 West in Murray at the intersection of Doran Road.

• South Fourth Street in Murray from Sycamore Street to the Murray city limits.

• Olive Street in Murray between Sixth and 12th streets.

• North 16th Street in Murray between KY 121 North and Diuguid Drive.  

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