Have you ever wondered about how reported nuisances get cleaned up? If you have, you might need to look at Calloway County’s Solid Waste Management. 

Within the past year alone, there have been two properties already in compliance with the ordinance. There are a few properties on KY 94 West, and additional properties in need of attention in Almo, New Concord and areas around the lakes. 

What qualifies a property as a nuisance? A nuisance is qualified through many different aspects, such as household trash (e.g. in property’s backyard or in inoperable truck bed), piles of debris, plastic (e.g. 5-gallon buckets), old play equipment, scrap building materials, clothes, inoperable vehicles (there may only be one on the property), and falling in structures that make it dangerous. These qualifications can be found in the nuisance ordinance. 

Notably, there is a lot more that goes into the process than contacting the owners or cleaning the property. When a nuisance is reported, Gidget Manning, Solid Waste Management Coordinator, goes out to the site and takes pictures to document if it is in violation of the nuisance ordinance. 

Owners of that property are contacted and sent a copy of the ordinance with what they are in violation of highlighted and contact information for Manning, so they can contact about clean-up. 

However, one of the biggest challenges is finding the owners of these properties. Sometimes they live out of town or have just seemingly disappeared. The nuisance letters are sometimes sent to the property of the nuisance where the renters contact about clean-up. 

It is noted that the ordinance allows time, 30 days, to clean up and if significant progress is made, an additional 30 days can be allotted.

“We would like to stress that when you receive a violation of nuisance letter, please contact the office and talk with us” Manning said. “We do not intentionally drive around and look for these properties, we receive these complaints from other citizens that want our county and their surroundings to be cleaned up. I want everyone to be proud of our community.”

Citizens that want to report a site can contact the Solid Waste Coordinator at (270) 753-2920, or there is a form they can fill out on the Calloway County website under the forms tab at the bottom of the homepage. The person who reported a nuisance will always remain anonymous. 

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