Shark in the House

Famed entrepreneur Daymond John speaks Wednesday evening during his appearance at Lovett Auditorium on the Murray State University campus. John, creator of the urban clothing brand FUBU, has gone on to achieve much recognition for being an investor on the hit ABC show "Shark Tank," and now has a branding company called The Shark Group;. Wednesday, he was in Murray to tell the audience about his story of how he achieved great success in the business world during his presentation “Daymond John’s Shark Points: Fundamentals for Success In Business and Life.”

MURRAY – FUBU clothing founder and investor of branding company “Shark Tank” Daymond John shared his success story at Murray State University earlier this week. 

A large number of students, faculty members and community member were present at Lovett Auditorium to attend the event, which was sponsored by the Murray State Student Government Association, Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business and BB&T Center for Free Enterprise. 

The event began with a formal introduction of the famous businessman, and Daymond then spoke for about an hour and 20 minutes. During his speech, he shared his struggle and efforts since childhood to become a world-renowned businessman. He told about the hardships he faced when he was only 10 years old. He discussed the jobs he has done, his struggle and how he ended up investing in “Shark Tank.” 

“The secret to success is common sense, and we should avoid overthinking because it creates unnecessary challenges,” John said. 

In his speech, he shared the five golden principles that he said can help an entrepreneur to be a millionaire. He discussed these points in-depth and encouraged people to follow these principles to pursue their dreams. He calls them his five SHARK Points, and he said they’re just as relevant today as they were when he launched FUBU in the 1990s.

They are as follows:

• Set goals to know where you are headed: John said, “No one can change our lives; no one can do it for you. The only person who can make it possible is you. If you want to be a successful person in your life, you need to have a goal and you should set a path to achieve this goal.” 

• Homework: According to John, after setting your goal, you should do your homework to reach it. A person should have an idea about the needs of customers and how to satisfy those needs.

• Love whatever you are doing: An entrepreneur should love whatever he is doing. Love with your work helps you to move forward. In today’s’ world, John said, we don’t have work-life balance, and this is not good. “We need to set our priorities and moderately handle things,” he said. 

• Remember you are a brand: “An entrepreneur should be honest and transparent about what he wants from the business and his employees will follow his example,” John said. “A person should work in collaboration with his employees to take care of the needs of customers.” 

• Keep swimming no matter what: No matter what the circumstances are, a person should keep working and should not give up. As John wrote in “The Power of Broke”: “You have to be relentless, nimble, moving ever forward. No matter what.”

The best-selling author of four acclaimed books concluded his speech by motivating the audience and advising them that, “responsibilities are not given; they should be taken.” 

The audience seemed excited to have John on the stage, and some students gave very positive feedback. 

“Such events at the university help students to get rid of the stress and depression of exams and push them to work hard and excel in their career,” said graduate student Deepinder Singh Grewal. 

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