HAZEL —The Hazel City Council heard a request from the Hazel Woman’s Club for a donation to help with repairs to the ceiling of the Hazel Community Center. 

The woman’s club, which meets at the center, was represented Monday night by Nancy Mieure, who was seeking a donation from the council. Mieure told the council that the ceiling of the center was showing some wear and tear from old water damage. The club had gotten an estimate for repairs which included new lighting that would total $6,450. 

“For those of you that haven’t been in there recently, the ceiling is in pretty bad shape,” Mieure said. “We need to replace the ceiling tiles and the lights in the main room. It is going to cost us $6,450 to do that.” 

Mieure told the council the roof had been replaced in the last 15 years or so, and that whatever water damage present was older. The kitchen had been remodeled about 12 years ago, she said. But the need to replace the lights and ceiling tiles in the main area still needed to be addressed. 

“It is age; some of it is old water damage,” she said. “We are replacing the tiles, we are going to have the grids painted and the lights replaced with LEDs. There are 10 lights in the main room. The woman’s club doesn’t have that kind of money. We are going to be paying for a portion of it, but we are going to be looking for donations to cover the cost.” 

Mieure said she was hoping for anywhere between a $1,000 to $1,500 donation. After some discussion, council member Lisa Kell made a motion to table the donation until the council could look at what could be done with the current budget. 

“I think given the financial state of the city, and that there is no timeframe for this, I think we should table the discussion until we all have a chance to think it over and take a look at the money we have,” Kell said. 

Mieure said that they were hoping to get the work underway during the first quarter of the new year. The donation was tabled until a future meeting. 

Other items discussed were the new Christmas decorations adorning the city after the council voted during last month’s meeting to acquire new lights. City of Hazel Mayor John Paschall was pleased to announce to the council that the project came in under the estimate $3,000, only costing the city $1,725.53. 

The city also voted to have Yearry Tree Service remove a tree along State Street that was creating drainage issues for the city. That work would come with a price tag of $350. 

The city also took the time to welcome the nearby Dollar General store, which was poised to have a grand opening early this month.  

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