MURRAY — It was a wet weekend, and weather conditions are expected to remain that way until around noon today, according to Justin Holland, official observer for the National Weather Service in Paducah. 

Holland said the forecast over the past weekend was about as expected, and wet conditions will remain throughout the week. Holland said that Wednesday would offer a brief break from such conditions, but they are expected to return for the latter part of the week. 

“It started very early Sunday morning and it will continue through about lunchtime (today), so it will be about 60 hours straight of rain,” Holland said. “I don’t expect it to let up until around lunchtime. And when it is all finished we will have about 5 to 6 inches of rain probably.” 

Holland said Calloway County had already experienced about 3 inches as of noon Monday. He said he expects another 2 to 3 inches today. 

“We will have another system late Thursday into the day on Friday that could bring about another inch of rain,” Holland said. “About the only dry day will be Wednesday.” 

With such heavy rain in the area, Calloway County experienced its fair share of flooding as a result. According to Calloway County Emergency Management Director Bill Call’s Facebook page, a total of 13 roads were closed as of 2:10 p.m. Monday. They included the following: 

• Tobacco Road

• Martin Chapel Road

• Gibbs Store Road

• Hutson Road, with a wash-out

• Old Salem Road, at the creek bridge

• Redbud Road, north of Ky 1346

• Phillips Drive

• Brandon Road

• Hopkins Road, between Ky 464 and Old Hickory Road

• Cook Store Trail, North of Ky 80

• Green Plains Road, between US 641 and Murray-Paris Road

• Myers Road

• E W Miller Road

Holland said that with such rain totals and expected flooding, motorists should exercise caution as well as common sense. 

“People just need to use common sense and don’t drive across a road that is flooded,” Holland said. “It only takes about 12 inches of moving water to sweep a small car off its tires, and it takes about 18 to 24 inches to sweep a large vehicle. Kids need to stay away from creeks, ditches and streams because it only takes about 6 inches of moving water to sweep a small child off its feet.” 

Holland said that if a motorist cannot see the road, they need to turn around and find another route.

“If they can’t see the road, the road could be washed away and may not even be there,” Holland said. “People don’t need to put their lives at risk, and they don’t need to put the first responder’s lives at risk also.”  

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