Calendar preview

A preview photo from this year’s Hickory Woods calendar. The theme this year was inspired by Calloway County’s Bicentennial anniversary. The calendar will be unveiled on Nov. 20.

MURRAY – The 2022 Hickory Woods Senior Living Community calendar will be revealed on Nov. 20. That will also be the first time that residents who model in the calendar will see it. 

Annita Peeler, executive director at Hickory Woods, said this is the 14th edition of the calendar and the residents and their families will watch a video that shows the behind the scenes of making the calendar while having a meal prepared by Hickory Woods. At the end of the video, the calendar will officially be shown. 

Peeler said the inspiration of the theme was from Calloway County’s Bicentennial anniversary. She explained that this year’s calendar is different from the ones in the past because residents from their garden area and villas were included. The making of the calendar was a community effort by people donating cars or allowing residents to have photos taken at their residence or business. 

“We appreciate everyone that we call,” Peeler said. “(They say) ‘Oh yes, just tell us where and what time.’ They are so happy to help us (and) it’s so wonderful.”

The planning behind the calendar starts in January and by February, Peeler has an idea of what the theme will be.

“The theme is the hardest part,” Peeler said. “Because we’ve done so many (and) we’ve taken hundreds of pictures and after you get the theme, then you can kind of picture what (the months will be.)

This year the pictures for a certain month line up with the events listed in the bicentennial book that is being compiled by Bobbie Bryant. An example she gave was that the February page will feature Ruby’s restaurant because they opened their doors in February 1936. 

When talking about the pictures in the calendar, Peeler had a story about each one. For one photo, she said how one resident saved her mother’s clothes and accessories that lined up with the theme perfectly.  

“She came out and she had her mother’s purse and all these hats and we didn’t have to rent anything, she had it all,” Peeler said. “She was dressed perfectly each time and she just had to go to her closet.”

While Hickory Woods does not make much money off the calendars, Peeler explains it does not bother them. 

“People say ‘Oh, I bet you make a lot of money’,” No, this is very expensive. We sell them for $5. We don’t want to make money off of them, the main thing is we want the (residents) faces to be in the doctor’s office and business in town so when Anna Faye (who is in the calendar) goes to the dentist they will say ‘We’ve seen you in the calendar’ and that makes her day.