MURRAY – While the county experienced wet conditions Friday and Saturday, rainfall totals stayed under an inch over the weekend.

Justin Holland, official observer for the National Weather Service in Paducah, said that totals came to eight-tenths of an inch. He said that while the totals weren’t high, it was enough to create some issues in certain ditches.

“It seemed like a lot more because there was a lot of drainage problems with leaves in creeks and ditches,” he said. “This wasn’t a big rain system, but it was just enough to cause some problems. But the good news is we should be mainly dry for the next few days, so we should have some time to dry out.”

Holland said the next substantial chance of rain will come on Friday, with a system expected to produce under a half-inch of rain. Holland said the weekend also saw some gusty winds, with strong west to northwest winds producing gusts as high as 35mph.

“The windy conditions will continue for (today) also, it will not be as windy, it will probably drop to gusts of about 25 mph,” he said. “It should be strong enough to blow around a few trash cans or Christmas decorations.”

Holland said today will be cloudy and chilly, with highs struggling to reach out of the 30s. However, he said that by Tuesday or Wednesday, highs should be back in the high 50s.

“The official six to 10 day outlook is calling for above normal temperatures,” he said. “So we could get to the 55 to 60 degree range in the six to 10 day period. We will probably also have another good healthy rain system in the same period also. But people need to enjoy this dry time, because things will turn wet again Friday and the following week looks pretty wet also.”

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