MURRAY – Calloway County Judge-Executive Kenny Imes issued a statement Tuesday on the Robert E. Lee statue on Murray’s court square, reiterating as he has previously said that any decision the fiscal court makes will take some time and will involve multiple organizations.

The statement reads: “Calloway County continues to evaluate what may, or may not, be accomplished with respect to the Robert E. Lee statue. What, if anything, is done regarding the statue must be accomplished within the bounds of applicable state and federal law.

“When dealing with any property listed on the National Register of Historic Places, multiple stakeholders and governmental entities have to become involved in the process of dealing with the property. No one or governmental organization, unilaterally, has the legal ability to do anything to or with the property. This is true if a property or item is to be restored, removed, or even cleaned.

“In all cases, to do anything with that property or item requires the input and approval of a state government commission, and in the case of the Robert E. Lee statue, more than one.

“Calloway County remains committed to addressing the various concerns regarding the Robert E. Lee statue expeditiously, but within the bounds of the law.”

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