MURRAY — The Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees met in regular session Tuesday and appointed board members to oversee various goals in the library’s strategic plan.

The board approved the plan during its May meeting, where four main goals were established. That plan was presented by Michael Trivizadakis with Leadership Strategies Group.

The first goal listed was to improve the library facilities to meet current industry standards and be prepared for future needs. Addressing this involved evaluating the feasibility studies for the various library options that have been presented to the board thus far and agreeing on an action plan for building a new facility.

The second goal was to maintain, improve and expand services, programs and materials within the library. Trivizadakis said that with the potential for new space in the future, the library also had to consider what more the library can offer the community through the improved facilities.

The third goal was to create an organizational structure that focuses on inclusiveness, employee development and exceptional customer service. The fourth and final goal in the plan was to align future actions with the mission, vision and values of the library. This included a need to have a strong marketing and outreach plan.

Tuesday, the board designated trustees Riley Ramsey, Winfield Rose, Joe Walker and Mark Kennedy, respectively, to tackle each individual goal. Board president Audrey Neal was designated to serve as coordinator for the remaining board members as they worked with library staff to achieve the goals of the strategic plan.

In new business, the board discussed the potential acquisition of legal counsel on retainer. Kennedy cited chapter 11 of the trustee manual in which it states boards should acquire legal counsel if needed.

“‘A trustee cannot be expected to be well-versed in the specifics of all laws and cases that apply to public libraries in Kentucky. But it is important to take the time to become generally aware of library law to make sure that the library is in compliance,’” Kennedy said, reading chapter 11 of the trustee manual. “‘As the laws are complex and legal compliance is so important, the board should have an attorney to provide legal advice to the board when necessary.’”

After Rose made a motion to retain legal counsel to represent the board, discussion led to whether or not the library could afford a potential retainer fee with its current budget. While the board currently has representation out of Louisville as needed, Rose expressed a desire to have a local attorney represent the board.

Reed said she had reached out to 16 attorneys in Calloway, Graves and Marshall counties, and none had expressed interest. An attorney out of Paducah, Donal Sullenger, had expressed willingness to work with the board at the cost of a $6,000 annual retainer and at a rate of $250 an hour.

Reed also said that not all libraries have legal counsel on retainer.

“We have access to legal counsel if we need it,” said Ramsey. “But I just hate spending that kind of money.”

Reed asked that the board table the item until the potential cost of acquiring Sullenger on retainer was looked at in conjunction with the budget.

“I would like the board to table this so we can have a chance to discuss it with the budget,” Reed said.

The board voted to table the item until more information on how such an expenditure would impact the budget was determined. 

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