MURRAY — The Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees on Tuesday continued its ongoing discussion of library expansion. 

With the absence of Board President Audrey Neal, the meeting was presided over by Trustee Mark Kennedy. In discussions about the potential for library expansion, Kennedy began discussion on a proposal from the 5253 Design Group of Louisville that involved the construction of a standalone children’s library on library property. 

That option, which was named Kennedy Option Two by 5253 Architect Chris Cottongim, was the main focus of discussion for the board in regard to expansion. Kennedy said that he was in favor of the option, citing the costs of construction presented by Cottongim in a previous meeting. 

“According to what Cottingim has (presented us) it would cost us $1.5 million to renovate this library and another $2,750,000 to build a standalone children’s library right behind this building behind the Higgins’ House,” Kennedy said. 

Kennedy said the total cost of the project including owner’s contingencies and other items would be $5,334,580. Kennedy said that with this option the board would only have to finance about $100,000 to finance the new building in the back. 

After some discussion, Kennedy asked if there was a motion in regard to the potential expansion project. Trustee Winfield Rose made a motion that the library move forward with the proposed library children’s library option, and trustee Joseph Walker made a second. 

During discussion on the motion, Trustee Riley Ramsey said that he would prefer if the full board was present to make such a decision. 

“If you don’t mind, I would like to wait until we have a full board,” Ramsey said. “I want Audrey’s information and I want to be sure we either have Mr. Walker or (whoever will be appointed to the board seat vacancy). I don’t mind voting, but I would like to wait until we have the full board.” 

Kennedy reminded Ramsey that there was a quorum present Tuesday night, and there was a motion on the floor. Kennedy also said that for the purposes of the vote, he would like to vacate as the presiding officer. 

“For the purposes of this vote, I would like to vacate the chair so that I have the opportunity to vote on this motion,” Kennedy said.

It was explained that if Kennedy were to vacate that position, he would be unable to return to it for the remainder of the meeting. Kennedy asked Ramsey if he would be interested in chairing the remainder of the meeting, to which Ramsey declined. 

Rose and Walker voted in favor of adopting the plan, while Ramsey voted against and the motion died on the floor. 

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