MURRAY — The Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees heard a report from library staff Tuesday about many of the activities and work being done at the library so far this fiscal year. 

Sandy Linn, community relations coordinator for the library, gave a brief presentation to the board. Linn provided some of the highlights from the first six months of the fiscal year.

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank the board for all of its support,” Linn said as she began her report. 

Linn began by discussing how CCPL became an official Passport Accepting Agency in September 2019. Linn said that since the service began, CCPL has processed over 100 Passport Applications. 

“I would like to say thank you to my coworker, Sierra Foster,” Linn said. “Sierra is our facility manager for that, and has overseen the acceptance of more than 100 passports since September. I think that is pretty terrific and she has done a great job.” 

Linn reported that there are currently over 33,000 active CCPL card holders in the community. She also said that since July of last year, CCPL has circulated over 84,000 physical items, in addition to more than 25,000 electronic items. 

CCPL has also offered over 210 programs, classes or events with total attendance of 5,257 community members. 

Linn also took the opportunity Tuesday to announce CCPL’s special guest author for 2020, Matt De La Pena. De La Pena is the author of “Last Stop on Market Street,” which won the 2016 John Newbery Medal, a 2016 Cldecott Honor Award and a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor.  She said during his visit, De La Pena would visit with local schools in addition to an event at the library. 


The board took time during the meeting to read a special proclamation thanking Susan Dunman for her many years of service to Kentucky Libraries and CCPL in her role as Regional Librarian. Dunman recently retired from the position after serving in the role since 1999. 


The board made a motion to alter the agreement with board attorney Wes Sullenger, no longer requiring him to be present during each board meeting. During discussion, it was determined that it would be more fiscally responsible to only have Sullenger present when  needed. The motion was passed unanimously. 


The board also made a motion to begin certain repairs to property owned by the library on Olive Street. In a separate motion during the evening, the board also agreed to have board real estate attorney Greg Taylor begin the appraising process on the property.  

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