MURRAY — The Calloway County Public Library Board of Trustees on Tuesday heard the results of environmental and structural studies commissioned by the owners of the former Regions Bank building.

Mark and Valerie Fredrick own the building, which currently houses their 1st Ky Realty office. The building is listed for $1,249,000, though the Fredericks told the board in the previous month’s meeting that the facility would still be available to the board for $900,000 should the board seek to purchase the property. 

Mark Fredrick presented to the board the findings of an environmental study performed by AAA Remediation, as well as the results of a structural study performed by Matrix Engineering. Fredrick told the board that the environmental study had come back clear for mold or asbestos, and said that some 11,000 square feet of the facility was deemed suitable for the necessary load imposed by the library’s stacks. 

“All of the results came back great, the building received a letter of clearance from AAA for asbestos and passed the air quality test for mold,” Fredrick said. “Paul Crabtree is a Kentucky licensed structural engineer with Matrix Engineering. He performed three on-site structural inspections of the property and he reviewed the structural drawings.” 

Fredrick said that information was then fed into a computer program that calculated the live-load capacities of the floors. He said that roughly 11,800 square feet currently meets the 150 pounds per square foot live-load capacity required. He said the engineer would also have to verify some structural connections. 

“Some cutting and patching of plaster would be required to access and verify the connections,” Fredrick said. “And some welding may or may not be required at the connections to meet the requirements. He has done everything that he can do without coming in and seeing the connection itself. He has looked at several connections that are accessible and measured bolts and welds and verified all he can verify. 

“Everything that he has done so far has come back very good. But as a structural engineer, he can’t sign off on something he didn’t personally see.” 

Fredrick said that according to the blueprints most of the connections are bolted or welded or a combination of both, that just remains to be verified. He said once that was done there would be 15,000 square feet that meet the requirements for where to put book stacks. 

After seeing some renderings Fredrick brought to the meeting, the board asked about the associated cost to bring the building up to code. Items such as new flooring, a new boiler and bringing the building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act would likely carry a cost exceeding $200,000, according to Fredrick. 

The board then began to discuss the need to conduct its own feasibility study. 

“At the last meeting, we discussed that we were going to have a company do the asbestos and mold examination and do the structural examination,” said Board President Audrey Neal. “We also agreed that we wanted our own (study).”

Neal said she had received a bid from RBS Design Group, which handled the structural analysis of the building in 2013 when the city was looking at it. She said RBS was willing to update that analysis for $12,000. Board secretary Mark Kennedy expressed a desire to seek out others to potentially perform the analysis. 

The board then turned to 5253 Design Group’s Chris Cottongim, who has been present in recent meetings, including a special-called meeting last month to review plans for a $6.4 million renovation and expansion project that was approved in April of last year, then rescinded later in the summer.

“We need to take a step back and look at this building and take our building program and see if we can marry that with this facility,” Cottongim said. “It is an interesting building and an interesting site, but I think we need to take this program, see if it fits into the building or not and go from there.” 

Cottongim said his firm could perform the necessary analysis the board was looking to have performed for less than what RBS quoted. The board then unanimously approved a motion to have 5253 do a feasibility study on the former Regions Bank building. 

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