MURRAY – It is that time of year when families start partaking in the most classic tradition of Fall. That tradition is going to a pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect one for Halloween. 

This year, the weather conditions for growing pumpkins have been perfect. According to Keith Wright, owner of Wright Farms Pumpkins, they had their biggest harvest ever this year. Penny Pumpkin Patch also had a great turnout in crops this year. According to their Facebook page, they have picked more than 5,000 pumpkins and gourds.

Families are not the only ones who love pumpkin patches, the owners also have a blast. 

“I’ve done this all my life,” Rob Gingles, owner of Penny Pumpkin Patch, said. “It’s all I know, and I really enjoy it. I enjoy seeing all the families year-to-year and seeing the kids grow up. I wouldn’t know what to do if I wasn’t growing pumpkins.”

The process of growing pumpkins starts in June and harvesting ends in middle of October. Both Gingles and Wright said they enjoy every part of growing pumpkins. 

This year, Gingles said that they are bringing back their petting zoo, which will have more animals than last year. They also created a new corn maze this year that he claims will have everyone confused. 

“It stretches over 10-acres  and takes about 30 minutes to get through,” Gingles said. “I’ve had several people go in and spend 30 minutes and come back out the entrance because they just couldn’t do it. I built it and I got lost one night mowing it. I had to call my dad (who lives by the maze) and asked him, “Am I anywhere close to getting out of this thing?’” 

While admission and the petting zoo are free, the corn maze is $5 per person.

According to, other pumpkin patches in the area are Jay’s Pumpkin Patch at 1141 Tucker Road in Kirksey, Grayson’s Pumpkin Patch at 207 Hicks Cemetery Road, Papa’s Produce Barn at 2915 New Providence Road, Penny Pumpkin Patch at 3138 Poor Farm Road and Wright Farms Pumpkins at 2241 Jones Sparkman Road.