Midway tornado

Calloway County has a history when it comes to tornadoes. This damage was caused by a twister in 2016 in Midway.

MURRAY — The Calloway County Office of Emergency Management said Wednesday that tornado warning sirens in Murray, Hazel and on the Murray State University campus will be tested Friday morning at about 9 a.m. This is only a test. It is being conducted to make sure that the sirens are working properly.

The MSU systems will be tested first. These produce a tone and a spoken announcement. Then, the City of Murray sirens will be tested second. The first sounding will be a wavering siren, which is the “alert” or “warning” siren tone. It will be followed by a steady siren tone which is the “all clear.” The City of Hazel sirens will be tested third. These sirens will also produce the warning tone followed by the all clear tone.