MURRAY — A Mayfield man accused of attacking a woman earlier this week at a Murray business was in court Friday morning. 

Patrick D. Cartwright, 33, appeared in front of Judge Randall Hutchens in Calloway District Court on a charge of first-degree assault. This stemmed from an incident Wednesday morning at the Pocket’s convenience store on Octane Drive in Murray in which a woman received multiple injuries and was taken to Murray-Calloway County Hospital for treatment. 

The woman’s identity is being withheld from the public. 

Cartwright was named as the primary suspect in the attack. Murray Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Brant Shutt said that the woman emerged from the altercation with a hand injury that an officer had determined was caused by a sharp object. She also had bruises on her head and neck, he said. 

Cartwright was captured in the Aurora area later that night after MPD relayed information to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office that he might be staying in a residence in that community. After being taken to the Herman Ford Detention Center in Benton, Cartwright was transferred to the Calloway County Jail in Murray Thursday morning. 

Friday, Hutchens maintained the original $10,000 bond he set Thursday. Cartwright also expressed his desire to apply for representation from a public defender. 

Hutchens set a preliminary hearing in the case for Aug. 19. A preliminary hearing is designed to determine if enough probable cause exists to move the case to its next level. In this case, that would be for consideration by a Calloway County grand jury, which could issue an indictment if it found that enough evidence existed for the case to continue into the circuit court level. 

Upon his arrest Wednesday night, Cartwright also was served warrants from a pair of other jurisdictions. One was Trigg County, where he is accused of writing cold checks. 

The more serious of these warrants, though, is from Graves County, where Cartwright is charged with several crimes, including first-degree robbery. That was in connection to a February incident in which the Mayfield Police Department said Cartwright forcibly took a vehicle from a female while brandishing a weapon. 

Individuals facing charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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