MURRAY – The Murray Calloway Transit Authority Board of Directors went over election day rider figures during its monthly meeting this week.

“We did election day rides, but since they were doing early voting, we were taking people the week prior whenever they called to go vote,” said MCTA Executive Director Rodney Skinner. “For that week prior and for election day, we had 53 riders total.”

Skinner also reviewed the ridership figures for October. He said 3,330 total riders was a bit down compared to September, though the number of on-demand riders was up by 82. Route CR-1 was up by 15, but the CR-2 route and the Gold Route were down. He said there were a few more out-of-town trips, so fuel usage was up a bit.

Going over the evening service numbers, Skinner said there were 39 passengers in October, which was up from 18 in September. He noted that October had five Saturdays, while September had four Saturdays.

“Hopefully, that trend continues and we move up on the Saturday route,” Skinner said.

The board also reviewed its contract revenue for October. Skinner said the MCTA received $55,131 from Green River Intra-county Transit System (GRITS); $6 from Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI); $35 from Spring Creek Health Care Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center and $1,667 from Station 74.

Skinner said the amount from GRITS had increased recently because up until last month, its Medicaid broker was giving MCTA a percentage of its reported March total, which was the last full month before the pandemic. He said the broker decided to double that amount last month. He said that even though MCTA is still not doing the numbers it did before pandemic, it is doing more than it did in the beginning, so this month’s total is closer to what MCTA would normally receive from GRITS. He said he doesn’t know how long that will last, but it will at least continue next month.

As usual, MCTA will be closed for Thanksgiving, but this year, Skinner said they would be closed on the Friday and Saturday after the holiday as well. Patients needing dialysis, however, will still be served.

“We usually just run a skeleton crew, and right now, all we’re doing is a skeleton crew anyway, so we just decided to let the guys have the weekend off,” Skinner said. “We will be doing dialysis still, but that will be the only thing that is running on that weekend. Dialysis has an altered schedule with the holiday, so we’re actually having some Sunday dialysis, which goes on next week also.”

When asked, Skinner said said he currently has no plans to bring back any more staff.

“The load hasn’t changed, so I don’t anticipate changing anything as far as staffing goes,” he said.

The MCTA will meet via Zoom again next month at 9 a.m. Dec. 15. Board Chair Jim Clinger asked board members whether they wanted to continue meeting on Zoom or try to meet in person.

“As much as I’d like to be back, with Calloway still being in the red, I think the governor’s issued guidance for staying as socially distanced as possible,” said board member Adam Wade. Clinger agreed, saying he hoped a vaccine would be available soon.

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