Queensway fire

Murray firefighters encounter heavy smoke Thursday afternoon as they prepare to enter through the front door of a house on Queensway Drive.

MURRAY — Murray firefighters managed to keep a blaze from destroying a house Thursday afternoon on the city’s southwest side. 

The fire was reported at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday at an address on Queensway Drive, just off Gibbs Store Road. The Murray Fire Department responded and encountered a distressing sight, heavy smoke rising from the roof of the single-story structure, indicating that the fire either had reached the attic or was in the process of reaching it.  

However, quick action of firefighters stopped the blaze’s progression, meaning that, though smoke damage and some fire damage was sustained, a family still has its home today. 

“No question about it, and the family appeared to be very appreciative of our firefighters’ efforts,” said City of Murray Fire Chief Eric Pologruto. “The damage was isolated to the immediate area of where the fire began, so (the family) may have to do some smoke resolution because of the smell of smoke, but as far as actual fire damage, it was held in check to that immediate area, which was the front door area of the house.”

When firefighters first arrived, though, saving the house seemed to be a daunting task, Pologruto said. 

“When our crews made entry inside, they saw heavy smoke and it had banked down almost to the floor,” the chief said, indicating that the fire was rather strong at that point. “Then they found fire showing from the exterior portion of the wall and it was starting to burn through (to the interior of the house), so they were immediately concerned that it had spread to the attic.

“At that point, our interior crew pulled some of the ceiling and that isolated the fire from spreading into the attic.”

Pologruto said those actions bought time.  

“It would not have taken very much longer for the fire to spread into the attic, and it’s very difficult once the fire gets up there to prevent major damage from occurring,” he said. “But you can still get in there if you’re really aggressive and can pull that ceiling down from the inside, but it’s a lot of work and, depending on the ceiling type, you can have a quick success or a difficult time.” 

Pologruto said the investigation into the fire was completed Friday afternoon by Fire Marshal Greg Molinar and revealed that the cause was accidental and involved the house’s electrical system. No injuries were reported. 

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