MURRAY – The MISD board met Thursday night to discuss a number of items, including several construction projects occurring at Murray Middle and Murray High.

The board approved a change order on an ongoing renovation project at Murray High that has been in progress for more than two years, according to MISD superintendent Coy Samons. He expects the project to be completed by Aug. 1.

“We just have a few things, the roof coatings, some HVAC controls and sod and irrigation of the band practice field,” Samons said. “We’re right at the end of the project, so we want to make sure those items are addressed while we still have money in the contingency fund.”

In addition to the high school renovations, the board also discussed bids for a summer project at Murray Middle School involving a security system upgrade. Samons estimated the cost of the renovation to be approximately $225,000, and said it is also slated to be completed by Aug. 1.

“What it is is an upgrade in the security system, especially focused on the back side of the high school facing Poplar Street, the bus loading area and the parking lot,” Samons said. “So the access is going to be more restricted.”

In addition to the renovations, the school board also recognized new Murray High principal Tony Jarvis, who was appointed on May 20. 

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