Hudspeth w check

Main Street Youth Center Executive Director David Hudspeth holds a check for nearly $13,000 that resulted from an anonymous donor. This will go toward the construction of an education building at the center.

MURRAY — Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Main Street Youth Center’s quest to establish a new education building has gained some new momentum.

Executive Director David Hudspeth said the donor utilized stocks that were rolled over for the center to sell. The result was a check of nearly $13,000 that has significantly cut the distance for the center to reach its goal of nearly $106,000.

That is not all. 

“We have another commitment for another $16,500, and that will be coming to us sometime in December. Once we get that, that will drop us down to still needing $14,500,” said Hudspeth, who helped found the center in the 1980s. The center serves children ages 5-17 for after-school activities three days a week, as well as Saturday evenings. 

“That education building is going to happen (in summer 2020) any way you look at it. We’ve got enough now except for maybe the roof, so we’re going to go ahead and get on the schedule (of the contractor for the project). The reason we can go ahead and do this is because we’re going to be able to do some things ourselves to cut the price down.

“But we’re down doors with this. Actually, let me rephrase that … we’re opening up doors right now.”

Hudspeth said the anonymous donor called him a few weeks ago. This came after the project had lost a bit of momentum after a flurry of activity that erupted with the project shortly after he announced it publicly in December 2018. 

However, he said he was never worried. 

“I’m a true believer that when you’re obedient and have faith, God works it out,” Hudspeth said. “God blesses others through your obedience and that’s what we try to do at the center – try to be obedient with every penny that comes in. We try to be faithful with it and, through our obedience and faith, He blesses these kids. That’s what it’s all about.

“I’m a patient man. The thing about this is that we started this last November or December. This is now one year later,and we’re down to $14,500. 

The actual building for the education center is already in place on the grounds of the center, a metal building near the Cross Street entrance. Also planned is the construction of a wooden covered deck that will attach to the building. Hudspeth said original plans called for these two projects to be separate, but now that funds are growing quickly again, the center’s board has decided that it is best to handle both projects simultaneously.

The education center is designed to give MSYC pupils a place where they can fully concentrate on after-school studies. The current setup has the education portion of the main building connected to the activity portion, meaning children who want to study can be easily distracted by the noise created by music, games and other modes of entertainment. 

The anonymous gift also creates a new avenue for donating to the project, Hudspeth said. This is the first donation that involves stocks. He explained how this gift was created. 

“We have set up an account now with Raymond James and (financial advisor) Pat Latimer. Just call Pat up and say, ‘I want to roll some shares over to the Main Street Youth Center account,’ he said. “There’s two ways they can do it. The first is to roll it over, take the profit after the net profit and sell it or they can roll it over into our account, where we can take the dividends yearly. So there are now plenty of things people can do now to help us out.”   

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