MURRAY — Murray City Council members Thursday night unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2022.

In its previous  meeting, the council had an in-depth discussion about how the city’s money will be spent in the coming year. Last month, City Director of Finance Kim Wyatt said the total available funds for the FY22 budget amounts to $20,372,781 with $15,303,542 budgeted for expenditures.

Highlights include about $300,000 that will go toward the city’s wayfinding sign project, while other funds are going to be used for utility relocation for a proposed business loop on the east side of the city.  In addition, the city is setting aside $2 million for use on future projects, as well as some that are happening now. One of those is the city’s required $500,000 payment for pursuing a federal grant that has resulted in the expansion of U.S. 641 South to the Tennessee state line at Hazel.

In addition, a separate Alcohol Beverage Control fund has been established. Thursday, the council unanimously approved dropping a 5% tax on sales for businesses that sell alcoholic beverages in the city to 4%.

State law allows for municipalities to restate expenditures, if necessary, in order to amend a budget. That is expected to happen in relation to a federal grant the Murray Police Department received during the 2021 fiscal year. Wyatt explained that $5,000 of the $16,000-plus grant is staying with the 2021 budget, while the remaining portion will go to the 2022 budget.

Council members were given a first reading of this ordinance Thursday and should vote on it during the final meeting of this month in two weeks.

There were was also action with boards and committees Thursday. First, Ruth Daughaday was re-appointed to the Housing Authority Board. Then, Kate Reeves was appointed to the Murray Convention and Visitors Bureau Board and Bill Elder was appointed to the Murray Human Rights Commission.

One other item on Thursday’s agenda came from the Cemetery Committee with word that a project that has been undertaken for a long time has finally reached a conclusion. Cemetery Committee Co-Chair Linda Cherry announced that a remembrance dedication has been scheduled for noon Wednesday at Murray City Cemetery. 

This comes after committee members, as well as city officials and community members, came together to find an appropriate place for several headstones that somehow were removed from their graves and came to be gathered at a burned tree stump near the rear of the facility. Those stones are now being arranged in a memorial that will be the center point of Wednesday’s ceremony.

Co-Chair Alice Rouse said the location for the ceremony will be along Beale Street inside the cemetery. She said if one goes to Polk Street, that will be too far. 

The public is invited to attend this event.