MURRAY – Starting in 1981, the American Humane Society has made October Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month, according to It was started to bring awareness to the public about animals that need help and loving homes.

The Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter is no exception to needing help. According to Darla Jackson, director of MCCAS, the shelter has taken in more animals this year compared to 2020. As of Wednesday, the shelter counted 55 animals in boarding. 

“We have 31 dogs right now,” Jackson said. “We have two litters of puppies, both of which are still nursing. Out of that number (of dogs), about 14 are puppies.”

According to the shelter’s website, they took in 361 dogs and 261 puppies last year. Only 57 dogs and 13 puppies were adopted while102 dogs/puppies had to be euthanized. The rest were either transferred to somewhere else or reclaimed. 

While the shelter does hold events at places such as Petsense for cats and kittens, the same cannot be said for dogs. Jackson explained that for dogs to be at an event they have had to be in the shelter for five days, then get their vaccines, wait five more days and then get their rabies shots, making events like the ones Petsense holds not ideal. Also, the Murray-Calloway Humane Society will pull animals from the shelter and foster them for about a month to make sure the animal is not aggressive and can be at events. 

“We work closely with the humane society, but with COVID they haven’t been able to do anything,” Jackson said. “It’s sad, but we are doing a lot of adoptions at the shelter and through rescues. Social media has kind of replaced the adoption events for the last couple of years so we are still doing really well.”

Other ways to help during Adopt-A-ShelterDog Month is by making a donation or being a volunteer. Jackson said that those who would like to volunteer can fill out a form on their website. The shelter is also always in need of Purina dog and cat food. With the cooler months approaching, the most needed items the shelter will need are blankets or old towels to keep the animals warm.