Pony escape Farmington

Muddy, but safe, this pony prepares to be taken to a holding facility after being captured Thursday night near Farmington. Graves County Sheriff Jon Hayden said deputies responded after receiving a report that the pony was running alongside KY 80 East near the Calloway County line.

FARMINGTON  — The Graves County Sheriff’s Office reported Friday that the case of an escaped pony had ended with a positive result.

On the sheriff’s office Facebook page, Sheriff Jon Hayden said that deputies were dispatched Thursday night to an area of KY 80 East at the Graves/Calloway County line after a report of a pony running on the highway was received. Hayden said deputies did located the animal but encountered difficulty in trying to capture it.

He said a Calloway County resident soon appeared on the scene and provided assistance and it was not too much later that the pony was finally wrangled on KY 564 near Farmington.

The sheriff’s office then made a Facebook post asking for help in determining the owner of the pony. The animal was taken to an undisclosed facility, where it was kept overnight as the search for the owner continued.

Friday morning, Hayden was able to notify the public with the news that the pony’s owner had made contact with the sheriff’s office. He said the owner said the pony’s name was Red and that the owner had taken the animal back to its home that morning.