GRAVES COUNTY — The Graves County Sheriff’s Office said that two Iowa residents were arrested Saturday morning after a deputy had originally responded to a call about a broken-down vehicle.

In a news release, the sheriff’s office said Deputy Steve Halsell responded to the report of a broken-down vehicle at the 30 mile marker of Interstate 69 (Julian Carroll Purchase Parkway) at about 9 a.m. Saturday. In addition, the call also noted that a female was walking alongside the highway. 

Upon arrival, Halsell located a 1997 Chevrolet truck with Iowa license tags. A female then approached the deputy and reportedly gave a false name upon being asked for identification. At about the same time, a male exited the driver’s side of the vehicle and walked to where Halsell was speaking with the female. 

The sheriff’s office said that Halsell noticed the pair was acting as if under the influence of an illegal substance of some form. Halsell then began checking the identities of both the male and female and was told that a warrant had been issued for the male. 

The male was identified as Justin Alstadt, 42, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and, as Halsell was attempting to take Alstadt into custody, the Iowa man broke loose and attempted to escape the scene, the sheriff’s office said. However, Halsell was able to regain control of Alstadt and was able to make him lie in a prone position on the highway. 

Deputies Dale Mason and Richard Edwards were both monitoring the activity on their radios and responded to the scene, despite being off duty. 

Eventually, Alstsadt was detained. The deputies then were able to determine the identify of the female, Prudence Penelope Gwendolyn Page, 32, also of Council Bluffs. 

The sheriff’s office said that both Iowans were taken to the Graves County Jail in Mayfield, but as Page was waiting to go inside the facility, she became ill. A unit from the Mayfield-Graves County EMS took Page to Jackson Purchase Regional Medical Center, where she was medically cleared. 

Both were then placed in the jail. Alstadt is charged with public intoxication, escape in the third degree, resisting arrest and violation of a foreign emergency protective order/domestic violence order. Page is charged with public intoxication. She also was classified as having been arrested because she posed a danger to herself and others. 

Individuals facing charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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