MURRAY –A retired teacher from Murray recently published a children’s book that both teaches language concepts and has fun with them.

Julia Lynne Cothran is originally from Murray and moved back four years ago after retiring from teaching in Muhlenberg County. According to her bio, she earned her master’s degree in elementary education from Murray State University and a master’s degree in principalship and supervision from Indiana State University. She taught language arts for 28 years in the public school system. 

The book, which is the first she has written, is called “Does a Gaggle of Geese Giggle?” The description on Olympia Publishers’ website and reads, “What do a gaggle of geese, a squad of squid, and a parade of penguins all have in common? They are collective nouns. This book uses poetry with emphasis on alliteration to represent collective nouns. The reader will learn different collective nouns as well as rhyme and rhythm. Children and adults will find the book interesting whether reading for fun or teaching these concepts.”

Cothran said she didn’t always have an interest in writing a children’s book, but once she got the idea for this book, she decided to pursue it.

“It just happened by chance,” she said. “Every year when I taught collective nouns in eighth grade English, kids still didn’t know – besides ‘herd’ and ‘flock’ – the extent of collective nouns. They just referred to everything as ‘a bunch’ or ‘many’ or ‘a group.’ ... So I decided I would do something with (that idea), and something like this title just got stuck in my head, and then I just kind of went with it. It deals with alliteration, rhyming, rhythm and humor.”

Cothran she asked her “dear friend” Leigh Ellen Stewart to illustrate the book. Stewart is a former high school art teacher who retired after 33 years of teaching in public schools.

New Life Christian Bookstore will host a book signing with Cothran from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 24. 

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