Technology certainly makes our lives more convenient – or at least when it works it does! We can turn on our lights away from home, answer the door bell remotely along with an ever growing list of other features that we now consider as a convenience. We have become so gadget-oriented that sometimes it is even hard to find a human being involved or at least a real, live person with which to talk! 

My favorite complaint is that when I have exhausted all of the phone prompts in search of customer service I find myself back to the original home page ready to run the gauntlet again. I often wonder who it is that manages or sets up such a program and if they have ever tried to negotiate the maize of options and numbers? I am not sure why they even call it customer service but that is for another article.

The question at hand is this: is technology our friend or foe? The benefit of technology in health care is without a doubt well documented. This spring, hopefully March, we will see the work derived from our “Because She Matters” campaign become a reality as the new 3D Mammography Center opens for patients in a new location. First billed as a $500,000 investment, we later learned that an IT upgrade would also be beneficial/required which added another $300,000 to $400,000 and with a relocation of the service to Radiology in the South Tower, we now have passed the $1,000,000 price tag.

Interestingly enough, the new 3D service line still yields very similar revenue to the current digital mammography! So why did we pursue the project? A good question with an even better community based answer. The new technology will generate about one to one-and-a-half more positive tumor identifications per 1,000 tests because of the improved imagery. With MCCH doing over 5,000 tests per year, that means that between 5 to 7 patients will have earlier detection, less aggressive treatment and an enhanced chance of living a normal life. For these patients and their families, the investment is priceless. 

Since 1910, Murray-Calloway County Hospital has been providing care first; it is a legacy that is not often duplicated and one of which we are proud!

The impact of philanthropy on meeting the needs of Murray-Calloway County Hospital has certainly changed considering twelve years ago there was not a Foundation in existence. During this time period, community support has been overwhelming as evidenced by the opening of the Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House along with numerous other projects. We cannot say thank you enough to our donors for the difference that you are making in your community-based hospital!  

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