MURRAY — The board of trustees for the Murray-Calloway County Transit Authority had some catching up to do Tuesday, as there was not a quorum present in January for that month’s meeting. 

In addition to looking over financial reports and ridership reports from the months of December and January, the board also made a change in its meeting time, pushing the regular meeting to the third Tuesday of each month instead of the second Tuesday. The meeting time of 9 a.m. remains the same. 

MCTA Director Rodney Skinner informed the board that for the month of December, ridership with MCTA stood at 9,179, a drop from December 2017 ridership, which saw 9,599 riders and an additional drop from the November total of 9,693. In a breakdown of those numbers, Skinner made note that while most routes have remained consistent, the Gold Route which caters to Murray State University students has seen a drop as the university continues to contend with enrollment issues. 

The month of January was a different story, as it boasted ridership of 10,864, in comparison to only 9,103 in the previous year. 

Skinner also provided an update on the turnout for Free Ride Day in December. 

“We talked about December Free Ride Day, which was considerably lower than the other day,” Skinner said. “If I remember correctly, it was a rainy day and it was not as successful as the first one. We are still going to look to have another one for next month and I will note that day in the next meeting.” 

In new business, Skinner informed the board of a coordination meeting being held Feb 28 in which local transit authorities will meet to discuss their operations. 

“We have the coordination meeting this month at the PADD office in Mayfield,” Skinner said. “It is just the transits of Paducah, Fulton and Murray hosted by the PADD office. We line out our responsibilities and the way our operations run. That is a time for agencies and the community to bring any comments or questions they have.” 

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