Kirksey Road wreck

This truck came to rest in a ditch after landing on its side Thursday along Kirksey Highway in northwestern Calloway County. One person was injured but refused medical treatment.

KIRKSEY — A truck wreck late Thursday morning snarled traffic in the northwestern part of Calloway County. 

The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a large truck had overturned at about 11:45 a.m. on KY 299 (Kirksey Highway) about a mile north of KY 80. Upon arrival, CCSO Deputy Danny Williams said deputies encountered a 1994 Chevrolet farm truck that was on its side along the northbound lane of the highway. 

Williams also said that the driver, identified as Mark Smith of Benton, was out of the vehicle. Williams also noted that Smith was displaying some rather obvious injuries to his head. Personnel from the Murray-Calloway County Ambulance Service responded to the scene and Williams said Smith was persuaded to be taken to a hospital, but refused treatment. 

Williams said Smith was traveling north on Kirksey Highway when the two-ton truck’s passenger-side tires slipped off the shoulder of the northbound lane. 

“If you look at this side and you see how big of a drop it is to the ground, once you’re off, you’re off. You’re not going to be able to come back,” Williams said of the shoulders along that stretch of the highway. 

The truck was carrying a heavy load of water, which also made maneuvering the vehicle quite difficult once it left the side of the road, Williams said, adding that it is not known how the truck came to move off the side of the pavement. 

Smith sustained cuts and scrapes to his head, yet assisted wrecker service personnel as they attached chains for a large wrecker to pull the truck out of the ditch. This was accomplished at about 1:30 p.m. The highway was closed to traffic from the time the wreck was reported until the truck was removed from the ditch.

Calloway County Fire-Rescue said the truck sustained heavy damage on its right front end. However, despite the damage, the vehicle was actually driven away from the scene.  

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