Justin Holland, official government weather observer for Murray reported that the high temperature for the month was 66 degrees on Nov. 10.  The low temperature for the month was 12 degrees on Nov. 12.  

Average temperatures for the month were a high of 52 degrees which was six degrees below normal and a low of 31 degrees which was seven degrees below normal.  

Thunder was reported on Nov. 28.  Sleet was observed on Nov. 11.  The highest wind speed was 42 mph on Nov. 27.

Precipitation of 6.64 inches was listed for the month.  This was .09 inches on  Nov. 6, 1.42 inches on Nov. 7, .31 inches on Nov. 11, .03” November 19, .54” November 21, 1.66” Nov. 22, .11 inches on Nov.  23, 1.46 inches on Nov. 26, .07 inches on Nov. 27, .09 inches on Nov.  28, .03 inches on Nov. 29 and .83 inches on Nov. 30.  The normal precipitation for November is 4.29 inches.

Snow of 1.25 inches was listed for the month which fell on Nov. 11.  The normal snowfall for November is zero inches.

The weather outlook for December calls for above-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation.  

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