MURRAY – Murray-Calloway County Need Line is seeking help in designing a new logo.

Tonia Casey, director, said that Need Line has been in existence for 47 years and has used the same logo since that time.

“We want to get the community involved,” Casey said. “We depend on help from this community, and we felt the best way to do this was to let the community help us re-brand Need Line.”

Casey said that the former mission statement was a page long and the board recently  decided to issue a new mission statement which is, “Need Line’s mission is to feed the hungry, to assist with basic needs, and to provide a bridge to wellness and financial security through education, counseling and advocacy for the citizens of Calloway County.”

Martin Milkman, Need Line board member, stated the board felt it was time to re-brand the logo since a new mission statement had been issued. “We want to make people more aware of what Need Line does.”

The Need Line Logo Design Contest is open to elementary, middle and high school students, along with college students/adults. The top three winners from each of these categories will receive an exclusive prize.

The dimensions of the design should be 8”x10” and “MCC Need Line” must be included in the design.

The deadline for submission is 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 20.

“We have distributed this information to all the local school systems and to Murray State University,” said Milkman. “We have also reached out to all local churches.”

Casey mentioned how thankful she was that Need Line was able to fill 1,000 food baskets at Christmas this past year. She also shared about the senior drive-thru that took place a year ago just after COVID-19 became prevalent in Calloway County.

“I will never forget cars pulling in and people crying because they had never had to ask for help before,” she said. “It made us feel good to help make a difference.”

Casey also shared how the Murray Police Department and the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office helped to distribute the food bags to seniors.

“Right after the coronavirus was running rampant in Calloway County, our senior food day had cars lined up down to 12th Street,” Casey said. “I didn’t realize this because I was at the Need Line office helping to distribute the food bags. The Murray Police showed up and they immediately took control of the traffic situation, and the next day I met with them and suggested they could help by delivering the food bags to seniors living in the city. They agreed, and then I called the Sheriff’s office and they agreed to do the same for the county. We have 315 seniors who receive food bags and many were afraid to get out and many had no transportation. It was good for them to see that local law enforcement was helping out. In fact, the city police found a man who had fallen and had been laying in the floor for 24 hours. They were able to get him the help he needed. So many seniors don’t have any family or anyone to check on them or help them.”

Casey said the Murray Transit Authority also helped deliver for Need Line and some of the employees came in to help pack the food bags.

“We have so many issues in our community, but we have less than some of our neighboring counties,” Casey said. “But these are just some of the issues we try to help with in our community. We want to be sure everyone in Murray and Calloway County knows about Need Line and what we strive to do.”

Casey and Milkman both emphasized how important it was to spread the word about what Need Line does and the programs it offers, and that is one of the reasons the board decided to hold a logo contest.

Again, the deadline for logo designs is April 20 at 3 p.m. Designs may be emailed to or brought to the Need Line office at 509 N. Eighth St. Submissions must include a name, phone number, address and category (age group).

For questions or more information, call Need Line at 270-753-6333 and ask for Emma, email Martin Milkman at or

“We look forward to receiving many entries from each of the categories,” said Milkman. “We hope to announce the winners by the first of May.”