MURRAY — Since the OK E Scrap firm of Murray began accepting electronics for recycling at the Bill Wells Make a Difference collection event, donors have been aplenty.

OK E Scrap coordinator Debbie Oliver said Thursday that she expects that will not change Saturday when the 122nd of Make a Difference Day is offered in the parking lot of Roy Stewart Stadium on the Murray State University campus. 

“To be honest, we’ve had more than we can handle. We have to have more manpower each time we come out there,” Oliver said Thursday. “I had a feeling, though, when we started this (in May 2017) that it would go over well, and it has.”

That is because Oliver said the number of facilities that can accept this kind of material are few and far between in the region.

“There is one up in Indianapolis, but, as far as this immediate area? No. There are no facilities that can accept it,” she said. “It’s a really specified thing that only a few can really be available to receive this kind of recyclable.”

E-scrap covers a wide range of electronics. These include: computers, servers, hard drives, iPads and tablets, Kindles and electronic book readers, flat-screen monitors, laptops, all circuit boards, DVD players, VCRs, modems, cable boxes, satellite receivers, routers, cell/mobile phones, telephone systems and hardware, insulated cable and wire, video games, XBoxes, Nintendos, Playstations, USB cords and batteries and flat-screen TVs. 

OK E Scrap destroys these materials at Make a Difference Day. Donors can actually stay and watch the process unfold. 

Items that cannot be accepted include CRT monitors, console televisions, paint/varnish, household batteries and glass bulbs. 

“Our slogan is “Making a Cleaner Earth,” and that’s what this is about,” Oliver said. “The big thing with this is keeping these kinds of things out of our landfills, as well as our streams, lakes and rivers.”

Make a Difference Day coordinator Bill Marcum said the e-scrap collection has been a welcome addition to the lineup. 

“Every time we’ve had them out, (Oliver) tells me they’ve done really well and I’ve heard from a lot of people who say they’re glad this is now here each time,” Marcum said. “They’re doing a good job of picking that stuff up and I’m sure they’ll have another good day Saturday.”

Records show that since OK has been coming to Make a Difference Day, it has averaged between 400 and 600 pounds in collections. It received 572 pounds during the August 2018 installment. 

Saturday’s event will also feature collections of the Make a Difference Day usuals, such as collection of cell phones, eyeglasses, clothing, paper, plastics, tin cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles and old/expired prescription medications. 

Also included Saturday are small-vehicle tires. Marcum said these include tires for small machines, such as lawn mowers, along with bicycles and small automobiles. He said tires for such vehicles as semi trucks and large tractors will not be accepted.  

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