MURRAY – The Murray Main Street Trivia Night fundraiser seemingly went off without a hitch Friday night as 16 teams competed at Renaissance Park downtown.

The event was held outdoors for an extra level of safety as local COVID-19 case numbers have remained low and steady for the last few weeks. In the end, the competition came down to a three-way tie, with a team of friends coming away with the win. Each of the top three teams earned 61 points over seven rounds of 10 questions each. At the beginning of the event, teams were asked to predict their final score, so the tie was broken by how close those predictions ended up being to the actual result.

Second place went to the team from Murray State Libraries, and third place went to the team of Murray Ledger & Times employees. Each team was allowed eight participants, and the categories included Greek mythology, U.S. national parks, Broadway musicals, 1970s TV shows, identifying brand logos, “Name That Tune” and rebus puzzles, a type of brainteaser in which a picture representation represents a common word or phrase.

At one point in the game, contestants were allowed to pay a dollar each to compete in a round of “Dead or Alive,” in which they attempted to last the longest while identifying which celebrities named by master of ceremonies Mark Welch had died or were still living. Door prizes were also given away for tickets handed out upon entry and raffle tickets were sold during the event.

Murray Main Street Program Director Deana Wright said she was pleased with how the event turned out.

“We had the last one in February 2020, right before everything shut down,” she said. “We didn’t feel comfortable doing it in February 2021, so we held off until June hoping that we would be able to do it safely, and also we moved it outside just in case things weren’t going to work for us. It’s a beautiful night, and we were very lucky because it rained before and it’s going to rain after.”

Wright said the average number of teams over the years was about 28, although the high number was around 38 teams early in the event’s run. She said that was before trivia nights were as popular at sports bars and restaurants as they are now.

“It’s a good crowd, especially for June,” Wright said. “We’ve done this before in June, and it’s hard because all the kids are out of school and people want to go on vacation, so we missed some of those people that would normally come because they’re probably on vacation somewhere. But we have a really nice crowd out here tonight.”