With a title like the one above, the mind quickly races to the subject of food! We all have grown accustomed to our favorites and the variety of “wrap” type sandwiches seems to grow daily as more and more specialty shops open! However, this article is far from one based on food, but rather a new and innovative marketing concept in the form of “elevator wraps” that you will see growing in Murray Calloway County Hospital to support our work.  

As we began 2019, we took the 15 or more projects supported by the Foundation at Murray-Calloway County Hospital and rated the three most important service lines. This rating was not to undervalue the other projects but rather provide more of a focused approached to defining what was of most importance. Hopefully, none of these will be of surprise to you as a reader and a supporter of the Foundation:

• Enduring Hope: New Regional Cancer Center

• Anna Mae Owen Residential Hospice House: Support for operational losses

• Because She Matters: Support for the new 3D Mammography Center

The total philanthropic need for these priorities is about $7.5 million dollars with the largest portion going to Enduring Hope.   So, how does an “elevator wrap” help us achieve this goal? We have partnered with a local Murray company, Quick Signs, to begin to place wonderful wraps on elevators doors that identify the priority projects while including the logo of the sponsor in the bottom right hand corner. As you wait for an elevator at MCCH, you now can gain a perspective of a priority project while being informed as to who is helping meet these goals from our community.  

It truly takes a community to support a community-owned hospital like Murray; with the request for support, comes the responsibility to educate and be transparent. If you would like to know more about the mission of the Foundation, how your money is spent or how you can be involved, please give us a call at 270-762-1908 or 270-227-0253. 

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