MURRAY — A white nationalist group known as Identity Evropa distributed promotional materials on the campus of Murray State University Tuesday, according to a Twitter post the group made on the same day. 

Shawn Touney, director of communication for Murray State, said the university was aware of the material and had removed them. He asked anyone seeing any such materials to report them to the appropriate authority. 

“The University was made aware of unauthorized posters displayed on campus,” Touney said via email Wednesday. “Ones that were identified were promptly removed. Those who may see these on campus inside a building are asked to notify either that building manager or contact the Murray State Police Department.” 

Touney said that according to Murray State Police Chief James Herring, this is the first instance this group has posted materials on the university’s main campus. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified Identity Evropa as a hate group. “Identity Evropa is at the forefront of the racist ‘alt-right’s’ effort to recruit white, college-aged men and transform them into the fashionable new face of white nationalism,” the SPLC website says. “Rather than denigrating people of color, the campus-based organization focuses on raising white racial consciousness, building community based on shared racial identity and intellectualizing white supremacist ideology.”

According to the group’s website, Identity Evropa is an “American Identitarian” organization. 

“Our main objective is to create a better world for people of European heritage – particularly in America – by peacefully effecting cultural change. Identity Evropa is thus an explicitly non-violent organization,” the group’s website reads. “As Identitarians, we believe that identity matters, inequality is a fact of life, and ethnic diversity, as demonstrated by substantial historical and sociological evidence, is an impediment to societal harmony.”

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