Anyone remember the ‘70s band, Chic (pronounced she-k). I thought of their song after reading wild claims against President Trump’s COVID response. One line in the refrain came to mind, “Ah freak out … le freak, c’est chic.” The French-English lyric simply says it is stylish to freak out.

Democrats make it stylish to “freak out,” especially about the virus. Before you counter and say Republicans don’t think it’s serious or care, I’ll be clear. COVID-19 is a serious thing. As such, people should wear masks and distance themselves. But the evidence is clear: while millions have been infected, the rate of deaths worldwide is low.  

Liberals want to blame Trump for Americans being exposed and putting out inaccurate information, but the truth is the disease increased throughout the world before it arrived in the continental U.S. Little was known about the virus at the time. Some people were asymptomatic, others were mild and still others were hospitalized or died. It was a moving target. Democrat governors at the time praised the president for his actions.

Efforts to lessen initial exposure included President Trump shutting down travel from key infected areas. But again, this was a mechanism to slow it down. Remember that Vice President Biden called Trump xenophobic at the time. Still, much was unknown and there were many theories about prevention.

Look at all the countries infected across the globe and the many leaders who contracted the virus. Multiple news sources (CBS, ABC, the New York Times and many more) reveal key leaders like Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, “the presidents of Bolivia, Guatemala and Honduras and prime ministers of Armenia and Russia,” all contracted COVID (New York Times, Oct. 2, 2020) to mention a few.

The U.S. has an infection rate of about .00225%. In other words, 99.977% have not reported infection. ( Despite the low numbers, it remains deadly for some, but so is the flu, even with vaccines.

According to Wall Street Journal Business Opinion writer Holman W. Jenkins, the virus was discovered in a number of places before it was recognized in China. “Sewage studies and patient samples seem to show the virus was circulating in Europe and South America before an outbreak was officially recognized in Wuhan.” (WSJ Sept. 30, 2020)  

The same column asks the question, “When will Americans start treating the Corona Virus like the flu, i.e., go about their lives?” Great question, Mr. Jenkins.   

President Trump has been optimistic and forward-thinking, encouraging us to go about our lives safely. We realize now that scientists were consistently changing their recommendations. We eventually were told masks and social distancing would stop the spread. DJT began clearing the way for drug makers to help and begin research on convalescent drugs and vaccines. And yes, President Trump was infected. Some have said it’s payback and wished he died. My lands!

 “Don’t be afraid of COVID,” Trump said after returning to the White House from Walter Reed Army Hospital earlier this week. “Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs and knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!” 

I pray that we can all avoid the virus and its effects. But a leader who is willing to remain in the fray is worth more than one who is stowed in their basement. I find it ironic that VP Biden repeated his lines at the debate that President Trump was holed up “in his bunker,” if you remember that statement. Ludicrous and deceitful! On the merits, Biden fails.

The real challenge is that many of our states have slammed the door on businesses and lives. Democratic governors have made our situation worse. However, last Friday Michigan’s Supreme Court chided their governor and reversed her executive orders, saying she lacked the authority to extend or declare states of emergency regarding pandemic. (NPR Oct. 2, 2020)

The GOP is not advising against masks and social distancing or saying this is not a serious situation. While navigating a sea of changes, Trump made a way to equip the U.S. with ventilators and masks and pushed independent drug companies to develop vaccines and drugs to defend us against the virus.  

Don’t let it dominate your life. Don’t freak out!

Greg DeLancey is the 1st District chairman for the Republican Party of Kentucky. He may be reached at  

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