I am not sure, but I would guess that voters here in western Kentucky are mostly overwhelmed by the impeachment show in Washington where the national Democratic party finds themselves in deep trouble. So let’s wade in. Politically motivated, Democrats have been looking for wrongdoing by President Trump for three years and their cases have fallen apart. Fumbling and bumbling attempts to get something to stick have voters suspicious and tired of the show. Collusion, obstruction, extortion and now bribery, or whatever the mass finds most damning, there is an ever-mounting cascade of phony charges against our Commander in Chief.

The current charge of bribery is actually twisted. The very accusations against Republican President Donald Trump are in reality what Democrats seem to be guilty of, a scapegoating if you please. Only deep state actors would use such subterfuge. Literally, the Democratic House is sacrificing, in plain sight, their own front-runner, Joe Biden, who is likely guilty of bribing corrupt Ukrainians with federal money related to his son’s business dealings in that country.

What about Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is holding up legislative action known as USMCA so that President Trump can’t claim a win on another of his platforms? She is using it to coerce wavering Democratic congressmen elected last term in Trump dominant districts to vote for impeachment (could this be bribery?). The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will create more balanced, reciprocal trade that supports high-paying jobs for Americans and grows the North American economy.  

The deep state appears to be on overdrive. Might impeachment be a two-sided ploy? First, to overshadow the U.S. Inspector General’s report on Russian collusion, set for release on Dec. 9, 2019. And secondly, to obstruct President Trump’s second term election campaign. The IG report is expected to reveal how the FBI used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to spy on American citizens affiliated with the Trump campaign in 2016. Looks like all the players will be exposed.

Andrew McCarthy, in his book “Ball of Collusion,” eludes to the deep state of “spooks” attempting to maintain power: “Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, the possibility should be horrifying that the world’s oldest continuous democratic constitution might be subverted by a cabal of spies with the support of the major media.” Terrifying, if you ask me!

But wait a minute, President Trump says he hopes for an impeachment trial in the Senate. In a Fox News interview, he stressed that a Senate trial would provide the opportunity to call other witnesses — including Hunter Biden, whose dealings in Ukraine were at the heart of what he wanted investigated out of Kiev, and especially Schiff. “There’s only one person I want more than Where’s Hunter, and that is Adam Schiff,” Trump said.

Associated Press summed it up over this past weekend, “What’s clear is that for now, Republicans are wielding impeachment mostly as an offensive weapon and Democrats are generally playing defense or changing the subject as 2020 congressional races rev up. House Democrats will be defending their 233-197 majority, with four vacancies. Republicans will try preserving their 53-47 Senate control.”

So who knows if impeachment will occur, but Stephen Presser, a professor of legal history emeritus at Northwestern University concludes just the opposite of the Democrats’ political game. “For President Trump and his defenders, what he did was no breach of duty but was, instead, prudent conduct of foreign affairs — the conduct of which the Constitution places within the discretion of the president. Ukraine, at least with the crew in office before the last Ukrainian election, was one of the most corrupt governments on the planet, and Trump maintains he wanted to make sure that aid flowing to that country would not end up lining the pockets of the kleptocracy that was for so long in power there, or those of the enablers of that kleptocracy. Two of those enablers may have been the Bidens, pere et fils.”

Possibly, the Washington swamp may be so entrenched with vipers that President Trump’s platform-promise to “drain” it, has international consultants and other board members used to foreign aid money kicking back hard.

Yes, it’s deep.  

Greg DeLancey is the 1st District chairman for the Republican Party of Kentucky. He may be reached at republican.chair@gmail.com.

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