Haunted Calloway: Asbury Cemetery

Headstones from the 1800s in the Asbury Cemetery. These four were towards the end of the graveyard and secluded from the other headstones. Being late at night and in the woods, this location gave a creepy feeling.

MURRAY – With October being known as the month of haunts, I started wondering if there were any places in Calloway County that were haunted. I immediately started researching and fell down a rabbit hole of stories and places that were allegedly haunted. I decided to do my own ‘investigations’ to see if any of these stories are true. I want to start by saying that I have no experience in ghost hunting in any way. 

The first location that I decided to visit was Asbury Cemetery located in northwestern Calloway County. My friend who accompanied me arrived first to the location and said when she was about to pull into the gate, two cars sped out very fast. When my boyfriend and I arrived, we noticed that at the gate of the cemetery there were balloons scattered around. This freaked us out a little, but I noticed they were the school colors of Calloway County High School and thought maybe the two cars who sped away were students who were taking photos and did not want to get caught. 

After watching many paranormal shows, I remembered that one theory is that spirits can receive energy from white noise, so I played white noise on my phone and had a voice recorder turned on the entire time we were there. I also brought a polaroid camera and took pictures. The idea behind the polaroid camera is that the photo is already printed and cannot be altered. I also used my Canon Rebel T6 DSLR to take pictures. All these ideas are from reading countless paranormal blogs in the past and watching paranormal shows.

Walking around Asbury, I noticed many graves from the 1800s all the way up to this year. The graves are scattered in every direction and seem like everywhere you turn, the graveyard just keeps going. One of the neatest tombstones was over five feet tall and had axes engraved along with an engraved plaque. The writing was very hard to read, especially in the dark, but the tomb was for a woodsman. There were also graves that had gears on top of stone slabs. I know that in earlier years many people could not afford headstones so they would just place random items. This made me think about the person laid to rest there and possibly was an engineer of some sort or if it was just random. With no name or date on the tomb, it was hard to tell. There were also pipes sticking out of the ground at a few graves. When I noticed these, I instantly thought of stories from the 1800s where people were terrified of being buried alive so they placed pipes from the grave to show above the ground. If someone was buried alive then they could scream into the pipes and hope that someone would hear. Another common practice from this time was having bells above the grave so if someone was alive, they could ring the bell. 

After leaving Asbury I went through my “evidence” and found nothing. I listened to the recording and heard nothing abnormal and, sadly, the photos had the same results. I will not give up. Next week is a new location and a new chance to see if Calloway County is truly haunted.