As the general election gets closer, we have another leadership crossroad for Kentucky. Just over four months from now, we’ll see if Republicans have met the electorate’s expectations for leadership. Indeed, it is an exciting time for our Commonwealth.

Our election system, “for the people-by-the people,“ is brilliant, allowing citizens to control their governance.  Regular elections are the envy of the world and we should embrace the opportunity to be part of the system.  

The results of the past four years are telling, and conservatives have a chance to affirm the direction of Kentucky.

It’s often confusing for voters, though, especially when a candidate’s message is limited or reported out of context in a meme. Some media de-emphasizes conservative voices while highlighting liberal ones along and their hot-button issues. And while it seems obvious for most of us, the preponderance of positive coverage for Democratic voices overshadows critics.

While social media often gets a bad rap, it has become an equalizer.  Conservative candidates are able to share their platforms and ideas in a real grassroots way with programs like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as users keep a candidate’s message alive.  

Apparently, it is working in Kentucky.  Conservatives have increased engagement and the results are recordable. In fact, over 95,500 have turned away from Democrat leadership since President Trump took office in 2016, and in just the past 30 days, we see the gap between Republicans and Democrats has once again shrunk.  

While Democrats added a mere 133 to their party, Republicans registered a whopping 4,922.  It is quite amazing that month after month, voter registration numbers continue upward, and I have often highlighted them in this column. It’s dramatic how voters are shifting their allegiance in Kentucky and how our Commonwealth’s tradition of leaning heavily toward the Democratic Party is quickly changing. Ideology truly matters more than ever.

Protecting the image of Democratic dominance is shameful. Many, like me, believe Alison Lundergan Grimes has purposely prevented the purging of voter rolls to keep Democrats in the majority.  Actual registration numbers likely show Republicans are in a majority or at least even with Democrats. Nonetheless, as the current registrations are reported, we are closer every day even with the stall.

Undeniably, there are places in our state where Democrats maintain significant strength, particularly in the metropolitans of Louisville and Lexington, where liberal ideology weighs heavy. But conservatives are growing even in those areas for multiple reasons. Pro-life is one of the key issues as extreme abortion platforms have caused average citizens, both Republicans and Democrats, to cringe. Sanctity of life is where many voters regardless of party share a common disgust for ending the life of a baby.

Additionally, growing the economy and job development has been a Republican-led initiative. Don’t buy the Obama/Biden claim that the good economy started with them. The evidence is obvious; more jobs, higher pay, lower taxes and business investments across the state are because of GOP initiatives.

Republicans across the country recognize that Democratic leadership has been detrimental. Whether it’s messing up health insurance or underfunding pensions, Democrats have been the root cause.

While no political party is perfect, voters are moving toward the Republican Party, for no other reason than common sense. Not just supporting life and encouraging economic growth but nationally protecting our border and protecting innocent nations. These are no-brainers.  

Kentuckians and all Americans can be confident that Republican Party leaders are prepared to continue the fight to protect people and encourage engagement in our society. Returning Matt Bevin to the governor’s office and next year President Trump to the White House is vital to finally put an end to Democratic shenanigans that will dissolve us further into socialism and less freedom.

While every election becomes the next important one, engaged voters have an opportunity this year to keep the momentum moving forward.  Where we go from here is important, keeping right is the way to move ahead.

Greg DeLancey is the 1st District chairman for the Republican Party of Kentucky. He may be reached at

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