Recently, I called the Calloway County Public Library to find out about their procedure to get a library card. I have been here several years now and I just hadn't made the time to get one. A handful of people came in after I did and commented to the staff on the library's pandemic protocol and their efficiency. I'll say it was an experience and the staff was helpful.

Before entering the library, the door swings wide and you're greeted by the doorkeeper who takes your name and purpose for being there. Once you're established on the fly list, she radios ahead that you're entering the premises and from there, the staff directs you to your destination.

Once I was at the front desk, I was required to fill out their card with my information and I had to provide a copy of my Kentucky drivers license. I imagine they want to be sure I am who I say I am.

Then, I was issued  a card and specific instructions on the particulars of checking out a book. After all, if I take one of their books to read, they want to know I'm going to bring it back. If I don't, they want to know how to find me. Most libraries levy fines for books that are not brought back in a timely fashion. I didn't find that out when I was there, but one thing is for sure, if I'm late with a book they have my number.

The point is, not anyone can walk in off the street and carry out an armload of books and the system is in place for a reason. So why doesn't the same work for politics?

I try very hard to look at both sides of any issue when it comes to a political arena. After all, aren't we supposed to rightly divide the word of truth? But, for the life of me, I can't wrap my head around the hoopla over Georgia passing laws to prove who you are before you can vote early.

The narrative among some political pundits is that it's racist for anyone to ask for proof of identity for voting by mail-in ballots. I haven't heard a good explanation, just that it's racist and voter suppression.

Have you ever sat down and made a list of things you can do when it comes to conducting any kind of business that involves the government that you don't have to show a state I.D.? I'm not sure how you can exist without an identification. You can't have a checking account, or a post office box or even get utilities turned on at your home without an I.D.

I have to show my Kentucky drivers license when I vote in Calloway County. I had to do the same when I lived in Virginia no matter if I voted absentee or in person. How is Georgia suppressing votes? They're not. Politicians who don't want people to identify themselves are looking for a loop hole that will allow cheating no matter what your party affiliation. I have nothing to hide and it doesn't bother me to whip out my I.D. to prove who I am and no one who votes should have a problem doing the same.

If showing your identity is racist and voter suppression, then the governments I've been involved with in Kentucky and Virginia are guilty. If you think I'm wrong, go to the clerks office and try to get tags for your vehicle without eight forms of I.D., your elementary report cards and your transcripts from college and see where it gets you. Of course, I'm being facetious, you don't have to have all those things to get tags, they let you slide on the transcripts. LOL.

If it's so hard for residents of Georgia to get I.D.'s then for heaven's sake, can't the government who has handed out everything from cheese to bologna over the years, have a campaign to get everyone identified?

It's not hard to get a birth certificate. Everyone has to have one along with a social security number and if a person isn't capable of doing it on their own, I would think someone in the county government would be happy to assist.

At any rate, now I have my library card and I was happy to oblige with their rules and regulations; although I had to ask what to do once I got outside and there were no more directional arrows on the sidewalk. The doorkeeper and I shared a laugh.