Somewhere Bill Belichick is singing a Billy Ray Cyrus tune, “It coulda been me, standing there with you...” 

I’m referring to the New England Patriots head coach Belichick deciding to trade his long-time quarterback, Tom Brady, to Tampa Bay last year. Of course, Brady won the Big Game last Sunday and that was the first thing that ran though my mind when Brady took the podium afterwards.

Brady is the type of quarterback whom you either love him or hate. Kind of like a politician. Haven’t had that in the news lately?

I’m not a New England Patriots hater; I like watching them play. But when they let Brady go last year, I couldn’t help but hope that he would be able to get retribution. He did.

I had a Zoom call with my family who live in different states on Sunday and everyone was pulling for the Buccaneers’ opponents, the Kansas City Chiefs. Not me. I can’t stand Kansas City. Being a Raiders fan may or may not have something to do with it. It wouldn’t matter to me if they never won another game and their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was traded to a Canadian Football League team.

My family members are Peyton Manning fans and that may have something to do with their strong dislike, since some of them went to college at the University of Tennessee.

Jealousy is what makes most people Brady-haters. He has more money than he knows what to do with, he has a beautiful family and he has a storybook career with seven world championships. I’m happy for the guy. It’s an American success story about a kid who wasn’t given much of a chance in the NFL, but worked hard to get what he has achieved.

People may bring up the deflated footballs from a few years ago and who knows if it was true? The national media reported it, so there was a lot of sensationalizing going on. He paid the price for it, so it’s a non-issue at this point. 

All I could hear all season was the love fest that Mahomes is the next GOAT, which Brady has been tagged with. No way. Not going to happen. Mahomes will be out of the league inside of six or seven years if he lasts that long. Is he talented? There’s no doubt that he is. He’s a phenomenal athlete. But, a running quarterback has never lasted in the modern day NFL. Remember RG3 and how great he was going to be? What about Cam Newton or any other quarterback who pulled the ball down and took off for extra yardage? The game is too physical and Mahomes had already had a few injuries in his young career.

When I settled back in my recliner on Sunday and the national anthem was played and they showed the Chiefs, I knew there was a problem. Some of them weren’t mentally in the game. Remember Manning a few years ago in the pre-game when he was sweating profusely during the anthem and he came out and played horribly? Kansas City had a distant glaze in their eyes and I began to get excited.

I knew if Brady had a decent game, the Bucs had a shot, and he did. Subsequently, Tampa Bay is world champions. He exploited the Chiefs weaknesses and got into their head along with a ferocious Tampa Bay defense.

Brady didn’t turn in a record number on the stats sheet, but it wasn’t about that, it was about winning No. 7.

Not only did he win in stride, Brady won with class. In the post-game interview, he was quick not to compare the pervious nine Super Bowls or six championships. He took this trophy in hand and celebrated with the current team and made it about them.

He declared he was coming back next year. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a repeat? His former team, the Patriots, were the last team to do it and he was the quarterback. Now, that would be retribution.

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