The political condition of our country is as pivotal as it ever has been. The integral part of the narrative becomes more and more sinister as layers of the COVID-19 investigation unfolds.

I got a call Tuesday morning from Sen. Rand Paul's office that the senator was going to be part of a business roundtable discussion that day at Murray State. Of course, we wanted to attend. Anything dealing with business possibilities interests me, as I'm sure it does you as well.

We all have our opinion as to who, what, when and where the issues in the country exist, however, when you get the opportunity to express your concerns and hear how the government is dealing with issues, you take it.

Straight party line folks will turn a politician on or off simply because of the letter in parenthesis at the end of their name. Those people will never change. They're straight-line Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or whatever and will be until the day they die. Their dad or mom was that party and that's good enough for them. I've heard that statement countless times. I try not to do that.

In listening to Sen. Paul this week, we heard some talking points, as I'm sure you always will when politicians are involved, everyone comes from somewhere. However, I will say that Sen. Paul had good things to say across the board about the myriad of issues facing our country. I found his comments to be common sense responses, instead of the political, party line platform.

One thing that Sen. Paul said that stood out to me in the roundtable is that members of Congress often get into heated debates on social and national media. On the contrary, behind closed doors in the halls of Congress, it's not usually that way. Conversations are more civilized. That's good to know because out here in the audience, the theatrics by the national media confirms to me it's for ratings. Which in turn means advertising dollars.

After all, the play up in the media means elections for some individuals who wouldn't otherwise have a chance.

Among the issues Sen. Paul spoke about was COVID-19. We have to prevent this type of pandemic from ever happening again and it's going to take bipartisan moves to make that happen. Who knew there were 11 labs in the United States that do gain-of-function research? They take an animal virus and make them transferable to humans according to Sen. Paul. What? When I heard this, I shook my head in disbelief and my mouth went dry. Maybe that's common knowledge in your household, but it certainly wasn't in mine.

Sen. Paul introduced a bill that has passed in the early stages to halt all of this funding.

This seems like something out of a horror movie. I don't care what the national media says, I'm a firm believer that COVID-19 came from one of those research labs in China. No doubt in my mind. If we know and understand the labs that are doing this in the United States, can you imagine what they're doing in Communist China? If you can imagine it, they're doing it and more.

If there's another one, it could be even worse. The problem is, if we stop research here in the United States, there's no way foreign nations will follow suit. China's pockets are too deep and money talks when it comes to the world stage.

At least we have some of our government officials recognizing the need for a drastic measure to take care of this. Let's hope and pray they succeed.

Mike Davis is publisher of the Murray Ledger & Times. He may be reached at

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