If I never see snow again this year, it’ll be too soon. I grew up in Virginia and I’m used to this type of weather, but that doesn’t mean I like it. My idea of a perfect season of snow is from Dec. 21 through Dec 26 of each year. Then, I’m looking for spring, which is now only 29 days away, in case you were wondering.

I’ll have to commend our staff for their dedication. I heard some of the employees complain about the cold, I heard some complain about the subzero wind chill temperatures; but, I didn’t hear anyone complain about working diligently to put the paper out every day. We never missed an issue.

Some of you got your paper on time every day, some got it in the mail later in the day and some maybe a day or two late in the mail. But, every paper was sent, one way or another. If you didn’t, please let us know so we can either get back issues to you or credit your account. Or you may stop by and pick them up. We want our customer service to be a premium, so for future reference, we’re putting a couple of back-up plans in place.

First, I’ll have a conversation with our carriers who deliver. Some of you already get your paper in the mail, so that won’t change. We wish we had carriers for every area, but it’s been impossible to hire for the county routes.

For the subscribers for whom we have in-house newspaper carriers, if your carrier doesn’t think they can travel on the icy roads, we’ll send the papers by mail. For everything inside the county and city, you’ll get same-day delivery. We presort which should put the papers in delivery order for the mail carrier. We get them to the post office before 6 a.m. so the papers can be cased with your mail delivery that day. I’ll be sending a form in those subscriptions next week so we can make sure we have your correct mailing address. Delivery addresses and mailing addresses are often different.

To further ensure you get your paper, on inclement days, we’ll take down the online pay wall to our website. You’ll be able to read your news online on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Most people don’t want their paper online, and I completely understand. However, if the weather is so bad that the mail carriers can’t get out, like we just experienced, you can still read the paper and stay current. We also have the e-edition online, so you can actually see the newspaper pages that you receive each day on your computer screen or other device.

Or, if you’re able to get out and want to come by the office, that’s fine too. We’ve had several subscribers come by the office and pick up a paper even on the icy and snowy days. As long as we have electricity and can make it, we’ll be here.

We’ve become acquainted with some subscribers who came out the last couple weeks, and we enjoy seeing their friendly faces. I imagine they’re tired of staying in the house and want to just go somewhere. I listen to some of the conversations with our people, and some tell us how bad it was at their house and how horrible their roads are. Some even pass along news tips, and we always welcome those. We can’t be everywhere all the time, and it helps to hear about events going on. Or maybe they’re just wanting to see and speak to some one other than their significant other or prove they can get out in bad weather. Whatever the case may be, we want to make sure you get your news every day.

Our employees do their best to make sure you have your paper every day and I can’t say enough to sing their praises. They’re really dedicated, and that’s hard to find in some workforces these days.

I appreciate those who worked from home to make it happen and those who made it in and worked tirelessly to write their stories and take photos. Thank you to those who answered the hundreds of phone calls here in the office and explained how we were delivering. Thanks to the sales and graphics department, production, press and mailroom for braving the cold and icy conditions to get everything done and even made deadlines. We had one employee who lives outside the county stay in a motel room all week because he didn’t want to let his other team members down.

It takes a special group of people to work at a newspaper, and we have that group. I’ve worked at seven different newspapers in my soon-to-be 42-year career, and you will find that quality at most newspapers – the type of people who feel guilty if the newspaper doesn’t get out in time. We’re a different breed, and I’m thankful we have that in Murray.

Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of the Murray Ledger & Times.

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