To the editor:

In November 2018, the voters of Murray elected a mayor and 12 people to represent them on city council. One of the main concerns for voters who live and work in the city was the city’s payroll tax.

When the payroll tax was enacted in 2017, six city council members voted for the tax. Six voted against the tax. Mayor Jack Rose broke the tie in favor of the payroll tax.

Two of the seven who voted for the payroll tax were re-elected. They came in 10th and 11th place in the November 2018 election.

Of the six who voted against the payroll tax, five were re-elected. Those five came in first, second, third, fifth, and seventh places in the general election.

The voters made it clear they wanted something done about the payroll tax. The council members and mayor have now been in office for a little more than eight months. What have they done? Has any effort been made to reduce or repeal the payroll tax?

These questions can’t be asked in a city council meeting because this mayor and city council don’t allow voters to speak in their meetings. They want our money but they don’t want to listen to us.

The voters spoke fairly clearly on election day. It is time for those elected to show their appreciation for the workers of Murray by cutting or eliminating the payroll tax.

Orville Herndon


To the editor:

Thank you to Dawn Gaskin, William Oliver, Marshall Ward, Dr. Ken Wolf and especially to the Calloway County Conservatives for Fiscal Responsibility for the recent positive,  thoughtful letters, editorials, and advertisements in support of a reasonable and practical solution to the ongoing library controversy. I support each of the six statements listed in the CCCFR ads. It is long past time to settle this issue. In fact, what happened to the suggestions from Judge Imes’ committee chaired by Bobby Martin which were very similar to the CCCFR statements?

I have to wonder if potential new employers considering locating their operations to the Briggs-Stratton plant have followed this controversy, and if it might have discouraged them from selecting Murray as their new site.

I support Ken Wolf’s recommendation to replace some members the current board (as far as I can tell, they have accomplished nothing other than derailing the process) with people who will do the right thing and move the process forward. And some of the new members should, of course,  be competent females – of which there are many in Calloway County.

Billie Burton


To the editor:        

I am thankful for the senior citizens who have volunteered their valuable time to serve on the library board. Before retirement, I was a member of several large chemical plant start up teams both foreign and domestic. We always had “gray hairs” on this team as their engineering ability and experience were essential to get these plants running properly. It is clear that our society has a problem in respecting our elders like we should. One knows there is a problem, as 80-year old-customers, when we are addressed as “you guys”.

I support the Mark Kennedy plan to build a new children’s library annex and upgrade the existing CCPL facility. This plan makes good sense to me as a library is still important for young children in this digital world. However, the teenage group, young adults and many senior citizens have a library called a smart phone in their personal possession. They have access via the internet to libraries and archives, magazines and books. I have read the Calloway County High School paper (The Laker Review) for several years and have not seen a reference to a book. We need to accept the reality of library use today.

The problem taxpayers have been given is the direct result of the Kentucky Legislature setting up a Special Taxing District for libraries where the appointed members of the library board decide on taxes and new building facilities bypassing the voters of each county. How did such a divisive system like this get set up? Do the legislators not trust the voters or were they influenced by certain vocal groups of library supporters?

Warren Fiser


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