To the editor:

It is against the law for a president, or a candidate, to solicit a thing of value from a foreign government in connection with a federal, state or local election. 52 U.S. CODE 30121. There is nothing wrong or even complicated with this law. It makes perfect sense because American elections must never be influenced by foreign governments. The only matters our president, or elected leaders, should discuss with the leaders of the foreign country are about our relationships with said country. Personal politics should and must always be off-limits, particularly and obviously, when a thing of value is sought for an upcoming election. Trump ADMITS asking the Ukrainian president to investigate a potential 2020 opposing candidate. Had such for a foreign investigation cast the candidate in a bad light, and certainly our sitting president would have received something of tremendous value. Can’t you hear his base screaming, “Lock him up! Lock him up!” Asking for the political favor is actually committing the crime, typical of crimes involving solicitation.

What is so maddening about the current issue is that Trump learns nothing from having asked the Russians for political help against Hillary Clinton. Those actions brought him, and our country, a miserable, expensive and unnecessary Mueller investigation. THEN HE GOES AND DOES IT AGAIN, with the add-on of a COVERUP! The record of the conversation was intentionally moved from where it could be found, to the White House classified server where perhaps it would not be found. But for the whistleblower, it would still be there. GOD help the USA if our lawmakers and voters are so blindly partisan, too empathetic to care or just too dumb to see the truth. Trump famously boasted he could shoot a man on 5th Avenue and not lose a single supporter. Well, I guess we will find out if that’s true. Should nothing come from this, then the rule of law, along with our check and balance system, are now so meaningless we might as well crown him.

C. Mark Blankenship


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