To the editor:

It’s time to answer the age old political question –are you better off now or when the elder Beshear was governor? This is particularly pertinent for teachers and retired teachers to consider. Workers too have better wages and health care. And babies have been given a new right to life.

So, just what are Beshear/Stumbo Democrats offering to make your life better? It is somewhat ironic that the Dems are promising to raise teacher pay when they have historically raided and under-funded the teacher retirement program. And, of course, they seek to undo the pro-life initiatives made during Bevin’s tenure as governor. Beshear and Stumbo also parrot the Democrat party line that promotes “rights” for illegal immigrants and limits on gun owner rights.

Most recently, Beshear and Stumbo have taken the low road with personal attacks against Bevin and Cameron. This is a classic example of Democrat political strategy to smear opponents and pursue lawsuits (and impeachment) when they disagree with Republicans.

Again, look at the campaign rhetoric and you will see that Republicans are offering a vision for success for commonwealth citizens, whereas Democrats are offering the same failed programs of Beshear, the elder, and Stumbo of the past. To see the bigger picture, just watch the Democrat presidential candidates on TV and Democrats in congress and catch a glimpse of what will be in store for Kentucky should Beshear and Stumbo be elected in November.

As election day (November 5) draws near, the most important question to ponder is: Do I want to rock the boat and make Kentucky a beacon for progressive liberal national Democrats, or do I want Kentucky to stay the course and carry the Republican conservative message forward into 2020?

Bill Cowan


To the editor:

As a former therapist at a state hospital and community mental health center, I state unequivocally that Donald Trump is an extremely ill and dangerous man. In national polls, other individuals lead Donald Trump in double digits which is cause for maintaining hope.  Another national poll shows Governor Matt Bevin selected as the MOST unpopular governor in the country. That’s right folks, number 50. That’s not hard to believe since he is the anti-education governor and any poor sack knows great education precedes enhanced businesses, health care and general well-being.

In a recent U.S. News study, Kentucky ranked sixth least educated state, 45th in health care and 45th in economy. So, I called one of our United STATES Senators, Sen. Paul Rand, to ask what he was planning to do about these statistics. I was told by one of his staff members this was a state matter and not a part of his concern. Really? Not his concern? I challenge you to contact state and national political folks and see what their plans are for health, education and the economy and when they will implement those plans!?  

YOU DESERVE BETTER! By introducing “Service Learning” (Google) in every educational institution in the state, elementary through grad school, studies prove grades, civic responsibility, self-esteem, attendance, graduation and job placement rates all improve.  By introducing Health Matters for Students (something developed at MSU) at all levels provides students with relevant health issues based on their age group leading to better health practices for a lifetime.  

So, my fellow Kentuckians, we are under siege and unless we break out and take ourselves in new directions, we will continue to be # 50,  # 45 and # 45 in various categories. We must stop accepting mediocrity and expect excellence!

Roger Weis


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