To the editor:

I have never written a “letter to the editor” in my life! I do not make a habit of publicly speaking about politics, for the most part, except to close friends and family.  But two articles in the Wednesday, March 18, Ledger have urged me out of my comfort zone to offer a response.  

These were the articles by Marshall Ward and Greg DeLancey. Both articles centered on the trying times associated with the coronavirus and all that has transpired to keep us safe and all the ramifications stemming from the virus, etc.

Mr. DeLancey started by saying how difficult “social distancing” is for all of us, and offered some facts/figures of previous epidemics. He ended with a call for prayer for healing for those afflicted, the nation and urging all Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Democratic Socialists) to face this time together, and to practice the safety measures/distancing that are being asked of us.  

Mr. Ward started by bashing President Trump on many fronts using quotes from other people to supposedly enhance the opinion that he wanted to get across to us. As if this wasn’t enough, Mr. Ward then bashed Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence.  He ended with praising Sensible Leadership.  

Well, what about Sensible Reporting? In a time of extreme craziness, which article helps YOU feel comforted, which article helps YOU feel that we all need to work together to end this, which article do YOU feel is most appropriate for this time?

Ann Stanley


To the editor:

With the first reported case of coronavirus in Calloway County, there must be immediate countywide testing. This testing must be free of cost, efficient, and produce immediate and reliable results.

We must stop talking about distracting political issues and put best practices into place.

Testing will show who has coronavirus and who doesn’t, offering a means to isolate those infected from the rest of the population.  

That is the only way to stop the spread and that is the only thing we should be trying to do right now.

David W. Overbey


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