To the editor:

We are certainly living in hectic times, what with all of the chaos that has erupted over the coronavirus epidemic and the attendant shutdowns of schools and businesses. Stories abound in both print and electronic media about people reacting in panic and how rudeness seems to be the order of the day.

On Saturday, March 14, my wife and I had two of our grandchildren for the day and I had to go to Walmart as part of an errand-running spree I was sent on. I picked up the items that I needed at Walmart and noticed how helpful their staff was and  the overall mood of the other shoppers, which was excellent almost to the point of jovial. In my efforts to load my purchases in my car in the face of a very biting wind, I dropped my wallet on the parking lot near my car. This event was not noticed in my haste to get out of the wind and I got into my car and proceeded to the next stop on my errand itinerary – McDonald’s.

When I arrived at McDonald’s, I ordered the two Happy Meals, large unsweet iced-tea with extra ice and medium black decaf coffee with two lemons on my list. The total came to just under $15 and I proceeded through the drive-thru to pick the order up when I realized that I could not find my wallet. I searched throughout my car, drove to the window and told the lady about what had happened and she said just come back and reorder when I found it and I apologized. I then called the Walmart store and asked for Customer Services. I told the lady my name and, before I could even say anything else, she replied: “Yes, Mr. Kennedy, someone found your wallet in the parking lot and we have it here in Customer Services, just come to our desk.”

I was very grateful to whomever found my wallet – it contained no small amount of cash and several forms of identification along with debit and credit cards. I do not know who found my wallet, but you know who you are and I owe you a debt of gratitude and thanks that I can’t put into words. I do, however, find myself looking for a way to “pay forward” your selfless act of honesty and profound demonstration that even in these trying and divisive times, the kindness and attitude of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” prevails.  Thank you and Godspeed to whoever you are!


Mark Kennedy


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