To the editor:

I am writing to encourage the city to seek funds to help build a new city pool. I don’t know another town the size of Murray that doesn’t have one. The benefits of having the pool are clear. It is a wonderful place for the city’s children to exercise, learn to be safe in water and swim, and socialize with other young people. The pool was used regularly by children’s organizations in town to offer these benefits. Our city’s children have suffered greatly through this pandemic and have missed out on an important part of their growth and development by being isolated  from each other.

Murray is a wealthy town as evidenced by the number of financial institutions and new buildings and homes. State and national businesses seeking places to expand their operations look for communities which have excellent recreational and athletic facilities. Our economic development depends on these opportunities. As a retired school counselor, school psychologist and licensed professional clinical counselor, I can assure the community officials that the effort and time spent in finding the resources to build a state of the art swimming facility will pay off in all the ways previously indicated.

I hope some of the area social groups will consider taking on this goal. I also hope our city officials will seek  funding through grants and donations to make a lot of kids and adults happy and  place this as a priority in their plans for Murray.

Jan Roberson Stogner