To the editor:

Pretty soon, Congress is going to vote on President Biden’s American Families Plan. I wanted to make sure the truth about the plan is told to our Murray community, before the usual misinformation is spread too far.

This plan will be transformative for rural communities like ours. One of the biggest parts of the plan will allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs, which will lower costs for everyone. The plan will help families in our community. It makes the child tax cut expansion permanent, meaning families that opt for it will continue to receive $300 per child per month. It will also help with child care costs and create universal preschool.

It will also make the earned income tax credit expansion permanent, meaning low wage workers in our community – with or without children – will receive a tax cut as well.

The plan also includes infrastructure improvements to our schools.  The plan also allows for two years of free community college to everyone – meaning our children can choose to attend a community college nearby for free before getting a job or transferring to a 4-year institution such as MSU.

These are just a few things this plan will accomplish, putting our community, families and working people on the path forward. I hope Congressman Comer will vote yes on this plan to advance our community and not get caught up in the usual partisan misinformation.

Terry Strieter


Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of the Murray Ledger & Times.